First Geophysical Survey Complete


Research vessel MV Kokilmoni

From June 13th to June 23rd 2013 a scientific team from the Megascours project completed the first scheduled fluvial geophysical survey in Bangladesh. The survey took place aboard the vessel MV Kokilmoni along the Jamuna, Padma and Megna river systems over three megascours at river confluences and bends. The purpose of this first survey was to acquire high-resolution Boomer and Chirp seismic reflection data of the scours.

The scientific party for this survey comprised:

Jon Bull (Cruise leader/PI, Southampton), Greg Sambrook Smith (PI, Birmingham), Jim Best (Researcher, Illinois), John Davis (Engineer, Southampton), Melis Cevatoglu (Researcher, Southampton), Mark Vardy (Researcher, Southampton).


Scientific survey party aboard the MV Kokilmoni with colleagues from CEGIS (photo: M Vardy)

The conditions for the survey were hot and humid (33-35°C, 60-80% humidity) with night time temperatures of 27-30°C, however there were only low winds and little rain.

Overall 451km of high-quality seismic reflection data were collected over three different megascours; the confluence of the Padma-Jamuna, a bend constriction at Mawa and the confluence of the Padma-Megna.


Live seismic data being collected as Melis, Jim and Mark look on


Example of live view of seismic data as it was collected


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